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Pedagogy and Resume


My teaching practice is a student-centered studio approach that supports students in building confidence with a variety of artistic mediums. I believe enthusiasm is my greatest teaching strategy and that passion is crucial to empowering kids to be creative and ambitious. I bring a kind and enthusiastic attitude to class and believe building positive relationships with students is key to effective classroom management. As someone who has been both a student and a teacher during the COVID-19 quarantine/Zoom years, I feel incredibly confident in my ability to bring warmth to my classroom, both online and in person. I understand the unique challenges online learning possesses, and it is my goal to make the transition as smooth as possible for students when online learning is required. I also enjoy teaching students about sustainable art mediums and the environment they are currently living in (nature projects, native plant knowledge, sustainable art in the area, etc.). I frequently bring contemporary art references into the classroom, such as gallery shows, museum exhibitions, other current art events in LA, etc., to show the rich art opportunities we can experience in everyday life. Living in Los Angeles is a unique experience that provides a massive, thriving art scene to draw inspiration from in lessons. I want my students to feel confident in the art room and possible art environments outside of my room. I have found that the most effective way to build confidence in my students is to provide a wide range of accessible activities that connect to their real worlds, while also providing them with all of the information they need to be art literate. I like to set up posters with keywords, have analysis discussions of artwork/shows, provide curating opportunities, and encourage collaborative group discussions about the work to reach this goal. I want students to leave the classroom feeling confident in their unique abilities as artists – to be art literate, and to have a positive view of Los Angeles, and the creative avenues they could pursue in the future.
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