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Spread of the past season

In this series, the ritual acts of making charge each piece with inherent life. The paintings are each based on a tarot card as a response to a moment of change in my life.  Each painting is bookended by a small altar box containing a poppet doll. The altars are all formed out of unglazed red clay and arch over each doll’s head. The poppet dolls and paintings are hung chronologically. The poppet dolls protect the paintings and provide the work with a life force; each has a sigil drawn on handmade paper tucked in their backs in a ceramic pocket. The dolls are adorned with pink pearl bead eyes and Fluorite crystal hearts. The paintings and altar boxes work together to bring spiritual healing energy into the room. It is my hope that through encountering these works, viewers are prompted to engage in their own esoteric research and that that journey of exploration leads to rewarding spiritual growth.
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